Comrades, friends: 

    half in 2019. On behalf of Luoyang Dinghong Electric and Technology Co., Ltd., and in the name of my individual, I would like to present to all the employees of the Company and your family, to the older generation who has contributed to the development of the enterprise at all times, and to the long-standing concern of the development partners, Best wishes for friends from all walks of life! 

    2018 is a full year. We recognize and conform to the new normal state of the economy in the advance of the transformation and upgrade, seize the opportunity in the promotion of the transformation and upgrade, and take the initiative as a result of the steady development of the operation performance and further consolidate the leading position of the industry. In the past year, we inherit the passion culture, reform the institutional mechanism, promote the structural adjustment, implement the cost reduction and efficiency, create the most competitive products, and consolidate the cooperation relationship with the customers. In that year, we reform the organizational model of the technology system, the R & D process is further straightened out, and a series of new products and new technologies are constantly emerging. In the past year, we launched all the staff, the deep excavation potential, the reduction of the efficiency, the work and the achievement, and won the most beautiful battle in the whole year, which led to the formation of all-staff saving consciousness. 

    By 2018, we are pleased to see the orderly development of the enterprise's various undertakings, the more robust reform and innovation, and the growth of the staff with the enterprise. The achievement of these achievements stems from the opportunities created by the times, thanks to the support given by the partners, thanks to the efforts of the cadres of the general public. We would like to express our gratitude to all our friends and to all our friends. To build a modern enterprise is not a one-day, not a cry. It needs all the staff to come to the city and follow. We are well aware that today's Ding Hong is standing at a higher starting point, and at the same time there are many challenges, and there are many problems to be solved. We have a clear understanding of that. 

    In 2019, we should make a solid contribution to the problem-oriented, faith-based, innovative thinking, and ensure the realization of the expected goals. We should promote the operation quality of the enterprise with the system thinking, the integration of the business, the talent, the management, the culture and the transformation. We should actively deal with the industry's vertical integration trend, understand the market demand, and create differentiated value for our customers with high-quality products and services. We should play a synergistic advantage, promote the development of the strategic business, and achieve the best of all kinds of flowers. We should constantly optimize the operation mode of the enterprise, reform the management system mechanism, and continue to promote the organizational change and process re-engineering, and firmly hold the most hard bone. We should also inherit and practice the responsibility culture, establish a loyal enterprise, and take the initiative as a good atmosphere of life, life, and innovation, so as to make it a kind of self-consciousness and constantly strengthen the soft power of the enterprise culture. Do these work, believe that the new year will be more full, we will reap the joy of success.

     Comrades, my friends! 

     In 2019, as the time passes by one drop, our hearts have the responsibility, more hopeful. On the path of hope, let's go to a piece of hard-to-do and screw up a rope officer to start a business. Let our faith, face the challenge, towards our common goal, towards a better tomorrow, to advance bravely! In the end, wish everyone a smooth, happy and well-being!