Power technology

◆The series and parallel main control board technologies adopted are all domestic leading control technologies. The company has developed internal products and has independent intellectual property rights and does not sell them.
◆ In order to ensure the quality and stability of the equipment, the electrical core components are all well-known brands at home and abroad.

◆ All equipments are equipped with computer smelting management system to collect equipment operation data and monitor alarms in real time.

◆ Adopt self-developed computer-aided design software and simulation system to ensure the best match between power cabinet and furnace body.

◆The copper platoon and copper tube in the power cabinet use domestic famous brands, and the copper platoon is sandblasted and passivated, and the specifications are made. The components of the power cabinet are arranged reasonably, and the wiring and wiring specifications are easy to maintain.

◆ Closed capacitor cabinet design, large output copper row, low loss, and optimized cabinet layout.

◆Equipped with fast fuses, it can effectively protect medium frequency power supply and transformer.

◆The technical parameters of all equipment are not less than 1.3 times of the rated power, which improves the reliability of the equipment.

Furnace technology

◆Rotary gap-free technology: The furnace body rotates without gap in the process of tilting furnace, which can effectively prevent molten iron from entering the furnace body and protect equipment operation safety;

◆The side plate structure of the furnace body: The structure of the side plate of the furnace body adopts the one-piece forming technology of the whole steel plate, which is sturdy and durable;

◆ Anti-drop protection cover: The furnace body is equipped with anti-drop protection device. During the process of tilting the furnace body, the anti-drop protection cover is automatically raised to form a protective fence to prevent people from falling and to ensure safer operation of personnel.

◆The geese-type impassable water yoke: It is designed by using 0.27mm thick magnetic conductive oriented silicon steel sheet produced by WISCO. The silicon steel sheets on both sides of the yoke are stepped backward by 15mm to form a geese-tail type, effectively preventing the yoke edge. The diffusion of the magnetic field causes the stainless steel baffle to expand and expand.

◆Double leak furnace alarm system: DC injection type and AC induction type double alarm system are used respectively to detect the thickness of the lining through the leakage current. When the metal penetrates into the induction coil or approaches the induction coil, the alarm device is activated in advance to block the power supply, effectively avoiding the occurrence of a furnace accident.

◆The induction coil of the intermediate frequency furnace is made of copper-free copper-free copper tube on a special mold. There is no joint in the middle, pure copper argon arc welding is used at both ends, and the copper tube is made of high quality cold extruded copper tube with material of TU1 (99.97%). There are no welds inside each set of induction coils.

◆The stainless steel water-cooling ring is arranged on the upper part and the lower part of the induction coil of the intermediate frequency furnace, and is integrated with the induction coil. The purpose is to make the lining material uniform in the axial direction and prolong the service life of the lining; in the upper part of the induction coil and The Faraday short circuit ring is arranged at the lower part to fully absorb the leakage magnetic flux at the upper and lower ends to prevent the furnace body from heating up. The wiring uses side lead wires to reduce the torque of the large cross-section water-cooled cable during tilting.