Luoyang Dinghong is about to participate in Thailand International casting Die casting Metallurgical Heat treatment Exhibition

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    With the change of domestic business and global market, Southeast Asian market has been paid more and more attention by the world. The annual output of Thai cars is more than 2 million vehicles, which has become the largest pillar industry. The steady development and huge investment potential of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries have given birth to the potential demand of metallurgical industry. Chinese iron and steel products mainly meet domestic demand, but a certain proportion of exports should also be maintained, which helps Chinese iron and steel enterprises to compete fairly with foreign well-known iron and steel enterprises on a broader platform, and to continuously improve product quality and service quality in the competition. At the same time, it is helpful for Chinese iron and steel enterprises to form a long-term and stable cooperative relationship between supply and demand and maintain a stable international market share. After decades of development, China's iron and steel industry, while perfecting the industrial chain, the technical manufacturing level of metallurgical equipment, product quality and R & D level have been gradually improved, and it is also looking for an efficient platform for overseas expansion. (METAL AP), a metal industry exhibition in Asia and the Pacific, emerges as the times require. The exhibition serves the Southeast Asian market and aims to create a comprehensive exhibition project based on metallurgical industry, die casting, industrial furnace and heat treatment, which radiates Southeast Asia, India and even the whole pan-Pacific region, and provides an opportunity for Chinese metal industry enterprises to go abroad and open up the market. At present, China's iron and steel industry is speeding up structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. In order to help enterprises broaden the market and promote product sales, the organizers of the exhibition will not only carry out extensive publicity and promotion in metallurgy and deep metal processing industry, but also cooperate with relevant organizations in the steel industry such as construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile, electrician, transportation, energy and other steel industries, organize professional audiences, and come to visit and negotiate cooperation at that time. At the same time, we will work with the relevant departments in Southeast Asia and Thailand to increase the publicity and promotion of the exhibition overseas, and strive for more overseas professional audience to visit and negotiate. At present, the organization and preparation of the exhibition has been carried out in an all-round way, and the organizers are accepting the registration of Chinese and foreign enterprises. Beijing Eurasian Shanghui International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. sincerely invites domestic and foreign metallurgy, metallurgical raw materials, auxiliary materials, refractories, castings, casting machinery and equipment, waste metal recovery, steel structure, heat treatment and other related enterprises to participate in this exhibition, we will provide all convenience and good service for your participation in the exhibition.