6-pulse parallel medium-frequency electric furnace

Brand:     LuoYangDingHong

Product Name:     6-pulse parallel medium-frequency electric furnace

Product Specifications:     6 Pulses in parallel

Application Areas:     Metallurgy, forging, casting, refining, machinery, building materials, and other manufacturing industries

Product Features:     Low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to control, no pollution, small harmonics, safe and reliable

Advantages of KGPS series IF power supply:

◆ The device control board adopts advanced integrated circuit as the core of control, with strong control capability and high integration. The connection between the whole control board and the main circuit is simple and reliable, and has perfect control functions.

◆The equipment has perfect multi-channel protection system such as over-current, over-voltage, current limiting, and voltage limiting. Once the circuit fails, the protection system will operate in a short time, and reliably protect valuable components such as thyristors and intermediate frequency capacitors from damage. Cause unnecessary losses. Each control system has an interlock function to effectively prevent misoperation.

◆The control system adopts the functions of zero voltage soft start and slow start, and adopts advanced double closed loop adjustment system, which can be started 100% reliably in actual operation and has no impact. In the actual operation of the equipment, the load can be changed stably and reliably.


◆The equipment is widely used in forging, metallurgy, precision casting, heat treatment, welding, bending and other industrial fields.