1-to-1 Meidum-frequency power supply in series

Brand:     LuoYangDingHong

Product Name:     1-to-1 Meidum-frequency power supply in series

Product Specifications:     series circuits

Application Areas:     Smelting of common carbon steel, alloy steel, cst steel, non-ferrous metal, etc.

Product Features:     Low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to control, no pollution, small harmonics, safe and reliable

The device is an inverter series circuit, and the capacitor is charged by the reactor to ensure that the inverter has a stable voltage output, and at the same time, due to the existence of the capacitor, the high-order harmonic of the inverter can be prevented from being fed back to the power grid, so there is no harmonic to the power grid. Hazard, in addition, the device is a rectified full output circuit, the power factor is always above 95%.

The series inverter adopts frequency modulation and power adjustment, that is, the power of the equipment is adjusted by changing the inverter frequency. The rectifier part of the thyristor is completely in the on state, and the inductance and capacitance are filtered. Unlike the parallel resonance, the output power is adjusted by adjusting the DC voltage. In the intermediate frequency electric furnace and the post-heating process, the thyristor is still fully open, greatly improving the power factor of the equipment and preventing the pollution of the high-order harmonics to the power grid.

The higher harmonics mainly come from the glitch voltage generated by the thyristor during the voltage regulation of the rectification part, which will seriously pollute the power grid, causing other equipments to fail to work normally, and the rectification part of the energy-saving series resonance type intermediate frequency power supply adopts a semi-controlled rectification method. The DC voltage always works at the highest level and does not adjust the conduction angle, so it does not generate high-order harmonics, does not pollute the power grid, and does not interfere with the operation of other electronic equipment in the factory.

The device adopts a series resonant medium frequency induction melting furnace. Its inverter device is a half bridge series inverter. It is mainly used for melting ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel and non-ferrous metals. It has fast melting speed and energy saving. High-order harmonic pollution and other advantages.