12-pulse parallel rectifier

Brand:     LuoYangDingHong

Product Name:     12-pulse parallel rectifier

Product Specifications:     12 pulse parallel connection

Application Areas:     Widely used in metallurgy, forging, casting, refining, machinery, building materials, automobile manufacturing and other industries

Product Features:     Low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to control, no pollution, small harmonics, safe and reliable

The 12-pulse IF power rectification part adopts a 6-phase 12-pulse full-control bridge rectifier circuit, which mainly rectifies 50 Hz AC to DC. A 12-pulse series full-controlled rectifier circuit consisting of 12 thyristors inputs the power frequency grid voltage and controls the conduction of the thyristor to provide a rectifier with no 5th and 7th harmonic components. A continuously adjustable DC voltage is achieved. The inverter uses an ordinary parallel resonant load.

The 12-pulse thyristor intermediate frequency power supply achieves better energy-saving effect with the thyristor as the main control component. The comprehensive performance is completely better than the 6-pulse ordinary thyristor intermediate frequency power supply (KGPS intermediate frequency power supply), excluding the 5th and 7th harmonic components, according to the harmonics. Analysis, the harmonic influence generated by the 12-pulse rectified power supply is much smaller than the ordinary KGPS IF power supply basically meets the grid harmonic requirements. The whole machine adopts double rectifier circuit, dynamic voltage equalization, with phase loss, over voltage, over current, low water pressure and human error protection. Current limiting, voltage limiting, balance, stable function, good sweeping start performance. The utility model has the advantages of obvious energy-saving effect, stable performance, convenient maintenance, small harmonic interference, strong overload capability and low maintenance cost.

12-pulse series rectification, parallel inverter series IF power supply advantages:

1. Parallel resonant circuit, simple circuit, reliable operation, convenient adjustment, strong adaptability to load, wide adaptability;

2. Fully integrated control circuit with multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, inverter failure, and insufficient water pressure;

3. The inverter triggering system adopts the phase-locked tracking control mode to ensure that the inverter system operates under high power factor;

4. For the high-power power supply, a special double constant current source and double inverter bridge parallel current sharing technology are adopted to ensure that the parallel bridge current sharing coefficient Ki≥0.95.