Steel shell furnace

Brand:     LuoYangDingHong

Product Name:     Steel shell furnace

Product Specifications:     Steel shell furnace (recommended for use by 250kg above)

Application Areas:     Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, automobile manufacturing and other casting industries

Product Features:     Low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to control, no pollution, small harmonics, safe and reliable

Advantages of steel shell furnace:
◆Sturdy and durable, beautiful and generous, especially for large-capacity furnaces, which require a strong rigid structure. From the perspective of the safety of the tilting furnace, try to use steel shell furnace. The yoke made of silicon steel sheet shields the magnetic lines generated by the induction coil, reduces the magnetic flux leakage, improves the thermal efficiency, increases the output, and saves 5% to 8%.

◆The presence of the cyclone dust cover reduces the loss of heat and improves the safety of the equipment.

◆ Cyclone hood has excellent vacuum and heat preservation effect and takes up less space. It can be tilted back and forth and can be stopped at any position.

◆ Cyclone type dust hood can effectively vacuum during the spheroidizing process before the furnace, which is impossible to achieve with the traditional dust hood.

◆Long service life, aluminum in the high temperature and strong magnetic field environment, it is easy to cause metal toughness and fatigue. At the foundry enterprise site, it is often seen that the aluminum shell furnace shell used for one year or so is broken, and the steel shell furnace has much less leakage current, and the service life of the equipment greatly exceeds that of the aluminum shell furnace.

◆The safety performance of the steel shell furnace is much better than that of the aluminum shell furnace. When the aluminum shell furnace is smelted, it is easy to deform due to high temperature and heavy pressure, and the safety is poor. The steel shell furnace uses a hydraulic tilting furnace and is safe and reliable.

◆Long arc yoke shield and reduce external magnetic resistance, magnetic flux leakage at both ends of the shield coil, and the inner side and outer wall of the yoke cross section are seamlessly attached, which increases the effective magnetic permeability area and makes the coil better. Support. The unique forward and reverse coils greatly increase the efficiency of the system.

◆The furnace body is equipped with anti-drop protection device. During the process of tilting the furnace body, the anti-drop protection cover is automatically raised to form a protective fence to prevent personnel from falling and to ensure safer operation of personnel.