Trolley furnace

Brand:     LuoYangDingHong

Product Name:     Trolley furnace

Product Specifications:    

Application Areas:     It is mainly used for high-chromium, high-manganese steel casting, nodular cast iron, roller, steel ball, crusher hammer, wear-resistant lining plate quenching, annealing, aging and various mechanical parts heat treatment.

Product Features:     The trolley furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic type work furnace

    The trolley furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic working furnace, mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, rolls, steel balls, crusher hammers, wear-resistant lining quenching, annealing, aging and various machinery. Heat treatment of parts.

Structure Description:

This series of trolley furnaces consists of two parts: the furnace body and the electric control. The furnace body mainly includes a furnace shell, a furnace lining, a heating element, a furnace door and a trolley. The furnace shell is welded by steel plate and steel. The furnace lining is made of energy-saving ultra-light refractory brick, aluminum silicate fiber and high-quality insulation material. The heating element is spirally placed on the lining and the trolley brick by a high-alloy resistance wire; the trolley can be moved back and forth to facilitate loading and unloading, and a novel automatic sealing is adopted between the furnace and the furnace shell to improve the sealing performance; The lifting of the door and the entry and exit of the trolley are driven by an electric speed reduction mechanism. The bottom plate of the furnace is a heat-resistant steel casting, and the trolley is inclined to discharge the mechanism.

The electronic control part mainly includes two parts: temperature control and operation. The temperature control adopts the domestic digital display meter AC contactor to implement the common position control, and the recorder also records the complete process curve and can over-temperature alarm; the operation adopts the button and the light display to realize the entry and exit of the trolley and the heating element on and off. The operation of the door door lifting and the like is controlled, and an interlocking device is provided. When the furnace door is lifted or closed to a certain position, the trolley can operate, which is safe and reliable.